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On our request, many of the celebrities, along with their autographs, have sent the World Peace Messages.
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This is a website of the autographs of eminent Indian/World personalities of various fields. The site contains more than 5500 autographs in 62 different categories. To facilitate the viewers of world autographs a sub-site is also designed. This gallery presents a galaxy of Autographs of World Celebrities in a very systematic and thematic way.

On this site, one can find the autographs and photographs of Indian personalities classified thematically. This means that the autographs of Presidents & Prime Ministers of India, Indian National Leaders & Freedom Fighters, Recipients of Bharat Ratna, Magsaysay & Dada Saheb Phalke awards, Governors & Chief Ministers of different Indian States, Saints & Spiritual Masters, Indian Film Stars & Personalities, Indian TV artists, Indian Cricket Captains & Cricketers, Indian Music Maestros, Indian Singers & Dancers, Indian Scholars & Scientists, Indian Painter-Artists, Indian Nobel Laureates, Indian Miss Universe/World, Indian Businessmen / Industrialists etc. are presented here subject wise.

A special feature of this website is an effort to associate Philately with the autographs. Wherever possible along with the autograph, the Postal Stamp (if issued) of the respective celebrity is placed. Not only that a special chapter is added which depicts the Autographs in the design of Indian Postal Stamps / Folders, Cancellations and Special / First Day Covers.

Along with Philately an effort is also made to associate Numismatics with this hobby. In the category of Autographs-Stamps-Coins, an effort is made to project ’Trinity of hobbies’. Here along with the Celebrities' Autographs, Stamps & Commemorative Coins of those Celebrities are presented. Thus a humble effort is made to establish a friendship of Stamps, Coins and Autographs.

A very interesting feature of the site is to present some autographs of Indian Princely Rulers. In India more than 580 Princely States were there. They were ruled by the Kings. The States had their own Coat-of-Arms as their Royal Symbols. Here in this site an effort is made to put some Rulers' autographs along with their Royal Coat-of-Arms. This will reflect one facet of our Indian history.

In the category of Autographs with ‘Little Plus’ one can view the autographs on different items. Apart from the autographs obtained on the autograph card or on the paper of autograph book, they are obtained on different items like Postal First Day Covers, Book Covers, CD Covers, Greeting Cards and Photographs. Some of such specimens are presented here. They become the value-added items for the autograph collectors.

An interesting presentation is in the category of Autographs of Celebrity Families. Here an effort is made to present the autographs of eminent members of Celebrity Families like Bachchan, Gandhi, Kapoor, Mangeshkar, Nehru etc.

In the category of ‘Firsts in India’, an effort is made to give a thematic dimension to the ‘Firsts’ in different fields of achievements e.g. First Indian woman Climber of Mt. Everest, First woman Chief Minister of India etc.

As India is the Member of South Asian Association of Regional Co-operation i.e. SAARC Group of Countries, in the Category of SAARC personalities, an effort is made to present the autographs of Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Politicians and other celebrities of SAARC Countries viz. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

In some cases an effort is made to present theme within the theme. For example, in the theme of Film Personalities, a page is put of Music Directors in which autographs of Music Directors are put together. In theme of Music Maestros this is presented in a different way. Here categories of Sitar Maestros, Tabla Maestros, Vocalists etc. are shown together.

Due to global acceptance and interest in this hobby, some categories of World Celebrities are also recently added. These categories present the autographs of world celebrities who have achieved fame and status in their respective fields. Thus in the galaxy of these world categories, one can find the autographs and photographs of more than 120 world Nobel Laureates, 250 world TV/Film personalities, 150 world sport personalities, 175 world cricket players, 360 world political celebrities and many more world personalities.

Some categories contain a year-based or tenure based theme. Here an effort is made to maintain the chronology. And in doing so, even if the autograph or photograph of a particular celebrity is not available the blank space is left. For example, in the theme of Recipients of Bharat Ratna Awards, autograph of Shri M.G. Ramchandran was not available. In this case chronologically his name and photo are shown in the chapter but his autograph is not shown. This is so done to help the collector and show him the completeness of the theme.

In the site, an effort is made to avoid repetitions. However at some places repetitions may occur. For example, Autograph of Lata Mangeshkar will be seen in Bharat Ratna category and it will be there in Mangeshkar Family in Celebrity Family category. In the category of Governors and Chief Ministers also some repetitions may be seen. But such repetitions are there to show the completeness of the subject. The readers and collectors may please bear with us for the same.

Under the toolbar icon of ‘Hobby of Autographs’ the collectors and readers will get detailed information regarding this hobby in a Question-Answer form.

Under the toolbar icon of ‘Thematic lists’ one can find thematic lists of different categories and under toolbar icon of ‘Alphabetical List’ one can find all the autographs alphabetically arranged. One can go to any autograph by clicking the name from any list. Thus the collector can find the location of a particular autograph by referring the Index.

Moreover, under the toolbar icon of ‘Useful Links’, collector will be able to find URL IDs of many useful links related to autographs or celebrities created by individuals or institutions or organizations.

Here on this website an effort is made to project different themes under which a collection can be made. However it is not claimed that all the themes are completely presented. A sincere effort is made to put as many autographs as possible in a particular theme.

An effort is also made to put more than one autograph and in more than one language if they are available. This can be seen in the autographs of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, Morarji Desai etc.

Most of the autographs presented in the site are from the collection of the author. However scans of some missing autographs are provided by friends and fellow-collectors and their contribution is gratefully acknowledged.

In short an effort is made to make this website more useful to the collectors in their pursuit of Autograph collection. It is hoped that the website will provide an opportunity to the collectors to compare their autograph with the original autographs of the celebrities.

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