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K. R. Adhia
Executive, Nirma Limited, Bhavnagar

Dear Shri Prafulbhai,

Visit to your website is no less than a visit to a museum with rich heritage.

I guess lots of hard work has gone in constructing a very aesthetic web presentation.

Wish you a great success in all your endeavors.

received on: October 6, 2006


Rolf Ramseier
Eminent Autograph Dealer, Switzerland

Dear Praful,

Just had a look at your website and I'm enthusiastic !
I love this site!

You showed a very wide range of autographs and I liked the combination with stamps and coins.

I like to see collecting items of the country you are a citizen of, I myself collected since several years Swiss history autographs. I never saw before such a good reference study for Mahatma Gandhi in every language. I also like to see autographs from so many different peoples (which I really don't know) from so many different areas, like Famous Hair stylist or Firsts in India or Celebrity Families!

And I also much like your slogan "Hobby is for Health & Hobby is for Happiness" that's nearly what is my own slogan! And you give an excellent advice to new collectors on your "Hobby of autographs" page! Much readable!

This is a fantastic website!

Congratulations & my respect to this excellent work!

Best regards from Switzerland!

received on: October 9, 2006


Raju & Sheetal
Numismatic Scholars, New Delhi

Dear Sir,


As unusual, you illuminate fellow collectors and people in general's minds with your novel ideas. What a way to celebrate Diwali!



received on: October 19, 2006


Ajit Wadke
Autograph Collector, Mumbai

I am grateful to you for the magnificent website hosted by you. It will be immensely useful to amateurs like me. You have done a wonderful job. You are having fabulous collection of autograph photographs which you have systematically divided in various categories. I wish you well in this fascinating hobby and hope you will acquire more such autograph photographs in future.

All the best.

received on: October 20, 2006


Vijay Deshpande
Eminent Autograph Collector, Mumbai

Dear Praful ji

Namaskar!!! Great work indeed!!!

Excellent presentation and nice idea to combine autographs with their stamps. Unique indeed... Very Well done...

Congratulations!!! Keep it up.

I am proud to be associated with Mr Praful Thakkar...

Great feeling!!!

received on: October 20, 2006


Prashant Arora
Eminent Autograph Collector, Kolkata

Dear Prafulji,

You have done an excellent work. Thanks a million for your great work.

The first thing I do whenever I do internet is that I visit this amazing site for Indian Autograph Collectors. I don't think there is any bigger example of Patriotism.

received on: October 20, 2006


Sanjay Joshi
Eminent Autograph Collector, Kolkata

"There are many peaks on Himalaya but most of them are covered with snow. But there is one peak which can not be covered by any snow and that is Mount Everest. Similarly your dedicated website is as great as Mount Everest."

received on: October 21, 2006


Sanjay Joshi
Eminent Autograph Collector, Kolkata

"The rainbow is limited to few colors but the rainbow, you have created in form of this website has numerous colors of celebrities. Hence the beauty of your rainbow is in a class of its own. And I am hopeful that it will prosper with the passing of the time."

received on: November 12, 2006


Richard E Blanchette
Colorado, USA

Dear Praful

I looked at your new website. It is great! I knew you had a lot of autographs, but was surprised at the range of themes and people. It is just fantastic. The layout is also very nice as the site is easy to navigate and understand. All I can say is WOW! What an amazing collection. Your love is obvious as is the amount of work and time it must have taken you to assemble the autographs and the information. I wish you could tell you something that would improve the site, but I think it is wonderful already.

I am going to go back to it again soon and look at more of the autographs. There are so many and all of them are interesting. As you might expect, being from the US I have to look up who some of the people are since I am not as familiar with people like the film stars. But, fortunately, I can look on the internet to read about them.

I like your motto of "Hobby is for Health & Hobby is for Happiness." I think that is really true and states well why we engage in our own hobbies.

received on: October 21, 2006


Subhash Mehta
Eminent Gandhian Philosopher & Writer, Mumbai

Dear Shri Prafulbhai,

Your new website on Autographs is truly impressive & encouraging. You have many plus points in your personality inter alia you have been systematic, painstaking, methodical & imaginative in your approach. I certainly welcome your efforts in this direction.

received on: October 21, 2006


Gulu Ezeikel
Eminent Autograph Collector, New Delhi

Dear Mr. Thakkar,

I had the pleasure to go through your website. I must say, it is highly impressive, in fact one of the best I have ever seen.

received on: October 22, 2006


Admiral Sohail khan
Eminent Numismatist & Historian, Canada

My dear Praful Saheb

I have noted the new websites.

There are very few so devoted people in the world nowadays. I am Surprised at your dedication and the amount of effort you put into these things. Bravo.

I keep myself busy with history and historical books. What else can I say but admire your work. May God give you strength and Health and Happiness to continue these works.


received on: October 22, 2006


Saujanya Panchal
Sai Devotee, Ahmedabad

Atmaswaroopa Res. Shri Prafulbhai and family,


Really, the fantastic efforts you have made to launch such wonderful web site. I am going to forward the same to my known people. This is the unique hobby you have developed and put on website. Only the people with good company can develop such habit and make the people benefited with such unique treasure. I am going to open web and will enjoy the treasure. If possible few words of introduction for every signature may add more interest.

Once more Congratulations for such TREASURE!

With warm regards-

received on: October 23, 2006


R. T. Somaiya
Eminent Numismatist and Scholar, Mumbai

My Dear Prafulbhai,

Many many congratulations for your new website on Indian Autographs.

I very much appreciate your spirit to do something new all the time. Our holy books say that lambs and goats walk on beaten tracks but it is only lion who makes his own path.

You are a Lion among our group and have strived your best to give something which others have not been able to do.

Hobby is for happiness and let us all enjoy it to the fullest.

With my warm regards and prayers that you continue to give something new ALWAYS,

received on: October 24, 2006


Madhu Pabari
Former Deputy General Manager, Reserve Bank of India

Dear Praful,

I received your both the mails. I have gone through the website on Indian autographs. It is really interesting and gives in one place whatever one may think about the autograph/s of any eminent personality/ies, in India who are, directly or indirectly connected with the Indian Culture and heritage. More interesting is the small introductory informative write-ups given in each section of the Gallery. It gives in brief the background and the purpose behind each classified Section.

The "Collection" is really extra-ordinary work and speaks itself about the loads of efforts gone into it.

It is said that 'depression' has no medicine to cure it. But it never sets in if one has developed good Hobby/ies. Hobby is, therefore, for health. But your Hobbies give mental food to others. I wish your Collection will prove to be a guiding source of reference to others who are pursuing the similar goal.


received on: October 25, 2006


Shivaji Sanyal
Manager-Exports & Business Services,
BASF India Limited, Navi Mumbai

Dear Mr. Thakkar,

You have done great job by introducing this website. It is attractive, Well planned and informative.


received on: October 25, 2006

• Major V Shankar, SC
Eminent Autograph Collector, Chennai.

The website is a true reflection of the passion of a very senior collector. The website is designed very well. Autographs truly represent a slice of history and what is a better way than to showcase it through a wonderful website.

My heartiest congratulations to Prafulbhai for this endevour.

An autograph collector for the last 20 years, with autographs of personalities including Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu, Don Bradman, Pele, Rod Laver, Rajendra Prasad, Zakir Hussain, V. V. Giri, R. Venkatraman, APJ Abdul Kalam, S. Radhakrishnan, George Bush, Neil Armstrong, Edmund Hillary, MS Subbulakshmi, Bismillah Khan, Ravi Shankar among many other Indian and World personalities, I can truly appreciate the hard work and dedication of Prafulbhai.

My heartiest best wishes and God Speed.

received on: October 28, 2006

• Dr. Shailendra Bhandare
Asst. Keeper, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK.

Dear Prafulbhai

I had a look at your new website and cannot describe my amazement and happiness in words!!

This is indeed a sterling contribution for enthusiasts and hobbyists and like your other websites, renders fascinating historical data accessible across the world at the push of a fingertip!

Apart from collecting and assembling the details together, which itself is such a Herculean task, I am full of admiration and praise for your diligent regard to accessibility which makes the life of so many researchers like myself easy and thus more productive.

Please accept my heartfelt felicitations for all your efforts!

Sincere regards,


received on: October 31, 2006

• Ashok Singh Thakur
Eminent Numismatist & Author, Chandrapur, Maharashtra.


The site is awesome. It's unimaginable. I am just wondering how hard work you have done.

Done a great job. Just excellent.

I will proudly tell about the site to my friends and relatives.

Thanks and regards.

received on: October 31, 2006


Alan DeShazo,
Eminent Numismatist, Luciana, USA.

Dear Praful,

Your autograph website is really beautifully done and of great interest.


Best regards,


received on: October 31, 2006

• C.R. Krishnaswamy Rao Sahib IAS (Retd.)
Padma Vibhushan-2006

Dear Sri Thakkar,

You must be complimented on the innovative effort you have taken to create the website and make the information available to all interested persons.

I wish you success in all your future efforts.

Yours sincerely,

Rao Sahib

received on: November 14, 2006

• Mafatlal Sheth,
Chartered Accountant

Dear Prafulbhai,

I was impressed to see your wonderful sight, in my opinion this is the only sight worth looking at.

You have done a wonderful job which needs hours of Labour and intelligence, its not an easy job.

Congratulations for developing such Informative site.

Wishing you all the progress in your adventure...

received on: November 25, 2006


Nelson Edward Lewis
Eminent Autograph Collector
Kingdom of Bahrain

Dear Mr. Praful Thakkar,

You are an amazing personality who has put your leisure time to the best, optimum, fruitful and profitable use.

As I am also a collector of autographs, signed photos of eminent personalities, I went through your website to see what you have in your collection. A collector can swell his collection by collecting mementoes from not-so-famous personalities. However, you have real quality stuff in your collection which will keep on appreciating in value as time goes on.

You are going to leave a priceless heirloom for your children and their descendants. They will be proud and ever grateful to you. I am delighted to have bumped into, through a coincidence, a very interesting, intelligent and knowledgeable personality.

Let us be in touch through emails so that we can exchange ideas which can be mutually beneficial.

With my best wishes,

Sincerely yours,

Nelson Lewis
Limca Book of Records Holder, 2003 & 2004 editions

received on: November 26, 2006

• Jigar Desai
Autograph Collector, Mumbai

Dear Prafulji,

Excellent presentation and nice idea to combine autographs with their stamps.

Unique indeed... Very Well done... Congratulations!!!

Keep it up. I am proud to be associated with Mr Praful Thakkar...

Great feeling!!! I love this site very much.


Jigar Desai

received on: November 26, 2006


M.H. Ambareesh
Minister of State for Information & Broadcasting
Govt. of India, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001.

I am pleased to know that Shri Praful Thakkar has a wonderful hobby of collecting autographs/photographs of Indian celebrities and famous personalities who are connected in some way or the other with India. His other hobbies of collecting numismatics and para-numismatic items are also appreciable.

His rich gallery of rare autographs of famous Indians belonging to different generations and placed on the website presents them most thematically. He has put in tremendous effort in showcasing different theme under which a collection can be made. I sincerely hope that it would be a rare opportunity and an unforgettable experience to all those who visit his website.

received on: December 2, 2006


Farokh S. Todywalla
Eminent Coin Auctioneer, Mumbai

Dear Thakkarsaheb,

We were very pleased to see this mammoth display of Indian autographs on your website.The database is huge and well presented.

As in the past, you have again pioneered and professionally showcased to the world, this lesser known hobby. This sure will give impetus to this hobby both in India and globally where we find a growing population of Indians.

The website is indeed very user friendly and attractive. The website is able to give a lot of information in a simple format.

We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations and best wishes for this yet another remarkable effort done by you.

Best wishes,

Farokh S. Todywalla
Todywalla’s Auctions

received on: December 13, 2006

• Abhijit D. Malwade
Autograph Collector, Thane

Dear Mr. Thakkar,

It was indeed a fascinating experience to go through your both websites. (i.e. autograph and medals) its just marvelous.

Meeting you at the exhibition in Pune, helped me tremendously. Your valuable advise about collecting was also very helpful.

Keep up the good work.

received on: December 19, 2006

• Abhishek
904, 960 Markham Road
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M1H2Y4

Respected Sir,

First of all, I want to congratulate you for this wonderful website.

I have seen many people who collect different materials but I hadn't seen any of them sharing their collections to the whole world. Very very special thanks to you.

Your website is a major contribution to the world. There are many lessons to learn from this website and I surely hope that people will get many new lessons from this website.

Once again a very grateful thanks to you.

received on: January 1, 2007

• Binali & Milan Madani
Bostan, USA.

What a marvellous site!

This site is the blessings to all autograph collectors. We must say that Mr. Thakkar has created this site with great devotion, dedication and child like enthusiasm and with the purpose of sharing and spreading his knowledge to the world.

It is a true example of pride, passion and patriotism. We could feel the enthusiasm of Mr. Thakkar. He has created energy within us to pursue this hobby.

It was a great pleasure to visit this website and it was a wonderful learning experience for us.

We have visited this site many times and always felt like we are in an autograph museum!

Binali & Milan Madani

received on: January 6, 2007

• Frank Wilczek
Nobel Laureate-2004 (Physics)


It's a very attractive website; you should be very proud of it.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and of course for allowing me to participate.

With best wishes for a healthy, prosperous, and productive new year.

Frank W.

received on: January 8, 2007

Dhananjay Joshi
Management Consultant in HRD
C-74, Jyotipark Society, New Sama Road, Baroda – 8.

Dear Prafulbhai,

It is amazing to see and feel your inner spirit of creativity and perseverance, which has given shape to this novel way of expressing gratitude towards great souls. Gifting such a marvelous piece of emotional galaxy to society in form of this web site shall be a great source of inspiration to many. Knowing you, I see it as an effort, which is much...much beyond Hobby.

I congratulate you for your great success and look forward for many more such meaningful contribution from your end in time to come.

received on: February 5, 2007

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